Rescue crew needs help in order to help others in need

Posted at 10:24 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 01:24:03-04

They're the ones who rush in when you find yourself on the mountain in a scary situation.

The Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Crew is often the difference between life and death, but only if they're equipped with what they need to save you. This group of volunteers now needs the community to return a helpful favor.

Imagine this, you've stayed out in the back county too long. It's late, it's dark and you're low on water. Maricopa County's miles of rough terrain are often the reason for emergency. There's only one group in Maricopa County that will come out to help you. 

"We encounter fatalities, we encounter people that are very close to death, or have very severe injuries," David Bremson, a volunteer with the rescue crew said. 

Bremson is a 20-year member of the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Crew. He joins about 35 others who volunteer their time while keeping up with their full-time jobs.

"We are the only people who do what we do," he said. "There are no paid resources anywhere in the county that perform backcountry type of rescues."

The group is an extension of the Maricopa County sheriff's department but are a not-for-profit organization. To keep up with their rescue missions, they need some support.

"The human element of our team is the most difficult resource to get," Spencer Smith, also a member of the crew, said. 

Often the difference between stranded or saved, this group has rescued so many people. In true volunteer spirit, they wouldn't have it any other way.

"In my 20 years I've had more paychecks by 'thank you' than any financial, any real paycheck, nothing can top that," Bremson said. 

If you're interested, the group meets once a month, and donations are accepted. Click here to learn more.