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PUPPY POWER! Hero dog honored by Mesa Fire Department

PUPPY POWER! Hero dog honored by Mesa FD
Posted at 4:37 PM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 11:24:15-04

A couple of months ago, Remus, a one-year-old black labrador, jumped into his owner's parents' pool and saved their dog Smokey from drowning. The rescue video was so shocking that it instantly went viral. The Mesa Fire Department reached out to Remus' owner, Kayla Becerra, to honor him for heroic actions of water safety. On Wednesday afternoon, Mesa FD gifted the playful pup a bag of biscuits to thank him for being a model dog citizen.

Watch the video above to see the special present Mesa FD gave Remus!

WHAT HAPPENED: Kayla's father stepped inside while Smokey and Remus were playing poolside when Smokey accidentally fell in. Smokey is not a strong swimmer which prompted Remus to leap into action! Remus sprung into the pool and attempted to lead Smokey to the steps. When Smokey did not catch on, Remus grabbed his pal and pulled him up onto the pool deck to safety.

Kayla's father saw Smokey's wet fur and immediately checked their surveillance camera to see what unfurled. Kayla was in Houston for work when her parents sent her the video. What a way to find out your pup is a hero!