Polygamist board members visit Canada to assess homes there

Posted at 8:29 AM, Aug 02, 2016

Members of a Utah-based community board overseeing the redistribution of homes in a polygamous church trust are visiting a Canadian branch of the sect to assess how to handle 55 homes there.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports Canadian laws have stopped the board from subdividing the homes and selling them to people with roots in the community. That's what the board has been doing with homes in Hildale, Utah, headquarters of the sect.

The trust's 700-plus homes has been under Utah state control since 2005 after allegations of mismanagement by imprisoned sect leader Warren Jeffs.

The community in the enclave of Bountiful, British Columbia, is divided in three groups. Some support Jeffs; others support former bishop Winston Blackmore and a third group backs neither of them.