Police: Christine Mustafa's body may be in a landfill

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jul 11, 2017

Police say it's complicated.

Phoenix police have a lead that  Christine Mustafa's body may be in a landfill southwest of Phoenix, and so they've told that landfill not to dump any more trash in that area; however, that in no way means they'll actually search there, which is much to the frustration of Christine's family and friends.

She was always smiling. The missing mom hasn't been seen since May. Friends and family still search every Sunday in hopes of finding her.

They say without locating the woman's body, they worry about a conviction ever coming down.

Phoenix police believe the mother was murdered by her boyfriend, Robert Interval.

Diane Strand's office is lined with search grids of the desert areas around Christine's house trying to help police, but there's one place her volunteer searchers can't go. 

"We've been wanting them to search the landfills from the beginning," she said. 

Phoenix police won’t disclose the exact location but say they have a lead that her body is in a landfill.  An actual search, however -- if it ever happens -- is months away.

For starters, landfill searches are incredibly labor intensive, and they cost a bundle with low chances for success. In 2012, Glendale police spent $750,000 over four months searching for the body of 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley but never found the little girl.

Second, Phoenix police say they have several other leads they want to fully investigate before considering such a huge undertaking. 

At the earliest, police say a landfill search wouldn't come until the fall time, if at all. Meantime, the volunteers will continue their search hoping to give the family closure.