Phoenix couple returns home from vacation to find anti-Semitic messages on mailbox

Posted at 9:01 PM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 07:51:27-04

A Phoenix family came home from vacation to find offensive vandalism on their mailbox.

Ari and Shoshanna Simones noticed their mailbox had paper taped to it and a note from a neighbor. They pulled off the paper and realized someone had used black spray paint to write anti-Semitic messages.

"My heart just kind of sunk,” Ari said. “We want people to be aware, unfortunately, ignorance and hate are out there; it does exist.”

According to ADL, Anti-Semitic incidents are up from years before.

“It is always disappointing,” said Regional Director Carlos Galindo-Elvira. “Part of it is education, part of it is really standing up together as a community.”

The Simones are finding the silver lining in this hurtful experience by challenging others to do good.

“The main thing is to go out and do a good deed. Think about this and do a good deed,” Ari asked. “Spread love, smile at somebody.”

“We’re not afraid, we are not ashamed, we are proud to be Jews,” added Shoshanna. “I think that, like my husband said, we just want to battle the ignorance and hatred with light and goodness and love.”

The Bias Crime Unit of the Phoenix Police Department is investigating.

The couple plans to leave the vandalism up until Sunday when they’ll host a community event to paint over it.