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Organization rescues 16 abandoned cockatoos from Cottonwood home

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jan 03, 2022

COTTONWOOD, AZ — One Valley organization rescued 16 abandoned cockatoos from a home in Cottonwood in December 2021.

A Tropical Concept Exotic Bird Rescue in Phoenix was contacted and asked if they were able to rescue 16 cockatoos that were abandoned in a home in Cottonwood, in which the organization agreed to help.

Many of the cockatoos were found in terrible condition, with cages full of feces and no water, according to Christine Wood with A Tropical Concept.

"One of [the birds] was taken in the same day for emergency surgery as he had visible bleeding,” Wood said.

The birds were rescued on December 22 and were brought down to healthy and more habitable conditions in Phoenix, according to the organization.

Those with injuries were examined by a veterinarian and are being treated for their ailments.

The rescue has set up a GoFundMe to help cover the costs, housing, and treatment of the birds.