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New documents entail concerns about Lori and Chad Daybell's missing children

Posted at 9:40 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 13:42:32-04

The legal team representing Melani Boudreaux, Lori Daybell's niece, in a child custody case with Brandon Boudreaux, has responded to accusations made by Brandon in recent court documents.

"Once again, Brandon Boudreaux has made unsubstantiated and false accusations, many of which are shown by his own submitted materials," Robert Jarvis, one of Mrs. Pawlowski's lawyers, said of Boudreaux's recent court filing.

Brandon Boudreaux included in court documents obtained by ABC15, an account outlining discussions that had taken place about Chad and Lori Daybell's missing children, as well as the attempt on Brandon's life on October 2, 2019.

The account is reportedly from Ian Powlowski, Melani's current husband. They were married in late November.

According to the documents, Melani had told Ian that "Brandon had been possessed by a demon or another dark entity," and she was told that something needed to happen to him "in order for his spirit to progress and for the Lord's plan to continue."

Ian continues: "She (Melani) shared the idea that Chad and Lori could have directed Al (Alex Cox) to take a shot at Brandon."

When speaking about the missing children, Ian's account states, "Melani had been told by Chad and Lori that her children had been possessed and had become zombies. She shared concerns that she's been told Brandon needed to die, and that may indicate that…Tylee and JJ needed to die as well. She told me she was worried that Al might have had to 'take care' of the kids. She explained that Al had great faith and never wavered in his trust in the Lord. No task would be too difficult or great for him."

In the documents, Ian spoke to the police and shared his concerns.

"What I shared with police were the ideas that Chad, Lori, and Alex may have planned shooting and Brandon and that Tylee and JJ may be in serious danger if Melani's fears have any validity. If shooting at Brandon was indeed based on the idea that he was no longer actually Brandon and needed to die as part of the Lord's plan, then the kid's lives could be forfeit based on the idea that they're not really Tylee and JJ anymore."

Melani Pawlowski's attorney Garrett Smith said she "has never been part of a cult. She may understand some of the extremist beliefs of her aunt, Lori Vallow, and Chad Daybell, but that does not mean that she has adopted those beliefs as her own. Melani does not judge those who accept those extremist beliefs, just like she does not judge you or me for what we believe. Melani holds on to her core beliefs as an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."

Attorney Robert Jarvis says, "Ian's summary of information given to law enforcement, written and delivered to Melani's lawyers, includes his conclusions that Melani is not a part of the extremist group. There is no evidence that Melani joined that group, attended any of the group's activities, or supported anything to that group."

Boudreaux's documents also state that Melani had concerns about the shooting involving Brandon and was against anyone hurting him.

Attorneys for Pawlowski say that “Melani is not an ‘affiliated party’ with any criminal act...Gilbert police has stated she is not a suspect in the alleged shooting at Brandon Boudreaux."

Attorney Garrett Smith accused Brandon of unlawful activity by stating, "Mr. Boudreaux unlawfully left with and kept their children out of state in Utah, telling American Fork police that his parent's address was his address. He kept the children out of school for about a month."

He went on to say, "If you compare the police statements, the search warrants, and dates and times, you will see Melani has fully cooperated with law enforcement."

The statement ends by saying, "The truth is Brandon Boudreaux is using their children and making false claims to try to control Melani's life, even now. He is attempting to mislead the Court and the public for which there will be consequences."

Read the full statement here.

JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan were last seen in September.

Lori Daybell is facing several charges, including two counts of felony desertion. She is in Madison County Jail with a $1 million bond. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 7 and 8.