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Monday marked day one of distance learning for many schools

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Posted at 7:30 PM, Aug 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-03 22:42:46-04

PHOENIX — Backpacks aren't stored in cubbies but instead hung by the front door, and desks double as dining tables for Arizona students kicking off distance learning.

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On Monday, August 3, more than 20 Arizona School Districts held their first day of school with online remote learning and distance learning.

"We have meetings, our second grade teacher always does fun little assignments, and I like hanging out with my friends," said Jaina Stoehr, who started the second grade at Power Ranch Elementary School in Higley Unified School District last Monday.

Jaina, 7, and her older sister Claire, 9, log onto Google Classroom every morning for prescheduled assignments and live sessions with teachers and other students.

"So far so good," said Christian Stoehr, Claire and Jania's dad. "Both teachers email us daily schedules. Makes it really easy."

Claire and Jaina have separate computers to each complete their school work, with dad nearby to help with math problems, or making sure his daughters aren't watching videos on YouTube.

The first day of online school for high school students at Sandra Day O'Connor may be odd for some students, but Alex Shaddock, a senior, and his family are used to this education style.

Alex has a medical condition that causes headaches, vertigo and dizziness, and has spent the last year and half learning online at home. His mom, Nancy, is used to this lifestyle and has a tip for parents new to at-home online learning.

"My number one thing is to have a regular schedule that your kids can follow everyday so they don’t get stuck in a rut," said Nancy.