Learn how to protect yourself (and your home) as temperatures drop

As temperatures begin to drop across the Valley, it’s important to keep a few fall safety tips in mind while enjoying the crisp, autumn air. 

The City of Phoenix is offering free self-defense classes to protect yourself and your loved ones. Attendees will learn how to fight off attackers with everyday objects and other life-saving self-defense moves.

Homes are more vulnerable to burglaries during the fall. Here are a few tips to keep in mind ensure your home is safe, even while you’re away:

Install security screens: Invest in a security screen or door to keep your home secure when the windows and doors are open.

Let there be light: Poorly lit homes are the most vulnerable. Install a floodlight or motion sensors to illuminate your home if there’s an unwanted presence.

Get an alert pet: Get a dog with a big bark who will sense unusual activity.

Plant shrubs: Plant shrubs — especially thorny shrubs. Keep them three-feet or less so you can still see outside your windows.

Place items on your windowsill. Place items on your windowsill so they’ll make a noise or topple over is anyone tries to force their way inside.

If interested, register online here. If you'd like to check out the class schedule, click here.


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