132429917_148858153389052_5760329439673372225_n (1).jpg Photo by: Steve Franklin KAR_3246S.jpg Photo by: Kohinoor Kar Photo taken in Phoenix "Jupiter & Saturn dancing in the sky! 🪐⭐ What a spectacular time to witness these brilliant planets in the night sky. As the conjunction approaches on December 21st, these two planets will become closer and closer. On the 21st they will only be 0.1 degree apart! 😯"Photo by: Photo credit: Niccole Neely
Instagram: @niccolester
Saturday Evening Capture of Saturn and Jupiter "The attached image file represents my one (and only) foray into planet photography without a telescope. As soon as Jupiter was visible this evening I took some experimental shots with various camera settings using my most powerful camera lens with a teleconverter. To my surprise, it was possible to make out Saturn and it's disk a little bit. It is in the upper part of the shot with Jupiter below. No moons of Jupiter in this shot...just surprised that it was even possible to see Saturn and it's disk upon zooming into the shoot. I'll be back on location tomorrow and Monday evening to get scenic shots with Saturn & Jupiter in them. Enjoy!"Photo by: Dennis Taylor
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Jupiter and Saturn Saturday "Good evening, abc15 weather team: Moon is ever beautiful. I tried to capture with camera the Saturn and Jupiter looking so close together, but they are actually not."Photo by: Kohinoor Kar Great Conjunction Photo taken in Hereford, ArizonaPhoto by: Robert Gallucci Saturday Jupiter and Saturn Here is a photo I took last night of Saturn and Jupiter in the same frame at 840mm along with the crescent moon.Photo by: Drebble 2020 Christmas Star.jpg The Great Conjunction, December 21, 2020Photo by: Linda Thuringer Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 8.33.29 PM.png Picture of Great Conjunction taken in San Tan Valley as they are going down towards the San Tan foothills.Photo by: Mike French