John McCain takes lawmakers to Middle East on 4th of July

Posted at 3:36 PM, Jul 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-04 20:19:20-04

Fighting for our freedom, it invokes the real reason we celebrate America's Independence Day. 

It's also why Arizona Senator John McCain is spending this American holiday overseas, pushing a new strategy to win in Afghanistan. 

On 4th of July, he answered questions with ABC15 about his high-profile trip to the Middle East. 

It's easy to understand why the senator is spending this patriotic day with the very people who live, breathe and die for our country. 

"They're away from home and their families," he said. "They're young." 

And they're depending on him too during this 16 year long war in Afghanistan. 

"We need to have a strategy to win," he said at a press event. "The strongest nation on Earth should be able to win this conflict." 

And that's also what the Trump administration is working on: A new war strategy to win after the Taliban strengthened in that country. However, the Taliban cant be defeated in Afghanistan if Pakistan keeps supplying and training them. 

"We need to have the Pakistanis stop their support of the Hakani network in particular," he said. 

That's why McCain took a group of U.S. senators, both Republicans and Democrats, to visit leaders from both counties. 

"We need to have some kind of cooperation between the two countries if in any way possible. 

And while McCain doesn't mince words...

"I never supported Donald Trump," he said. 

...he admits he's confident in the president's strong national security team. 

"I think that he is turning our national security policy around," he said. 

Which he think is inspiring men and women who serve our country while they fight to defeat our enemies on this day.