Hurricane Irma: Arizonans urging loved ones to get out of Florida

Arizonans worried about loved ones in Florida
Posted at 2:53 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-10 01:32:56-04

While Hurricane Irma's landfall in Florida will take place roughly 2,000 miles away, the powerful hurricane is having a big impact on some Arizonans. 

Linda Zigon, who lives in Chandler, is very concerned for her three cousins and a good friend. They all live in varying parts of Florida and are each choosing to ride out Hurricane Irma. 

"Get out, get out while you can please," Zigon said as a message to her loved ones. "Your family, your friends, everybody loves you. Get out."

Zigon said her family and friends are being stubborn and perhaps overly confident when it comes to the approaching hurricane. 

"They're going to say 'I told you so,'" Zigon said. "They're going to tell me, 'You worried about nothing; we've been through this type of thing before.' They have experience with the hurricanes down there, but not one of this magnitude."

While Zigon will worry about her family and friends in the coming days who choose to stay in Florida, ABC15 talked to a Phoenix man who says he's essentially stuck in Hurricane Irma's path. 

"I'm scared about the whole thing," said Brian Dowling, who is staying in Boca Raton for work. 

Dowling says some of the locals in Florida initially showed little concern about the approaching hurricane. When the level of concern picked up, Dowling says it was too late to get out, adding that flights, cars and buses are either booked or canceled. 

"At this moment right now it's eerie with a sense of anticipation," Dowling said. 

He plans to ride out the hurricane in the apartment he's staying at. 

"Even some of the locals now are saying they're not overly concerned with it," Dowling said. "I have a different feeling in my stomach."