Here's how a potential government shutdown could impact Arizona

Posted at 5:34 AM, Apr 28, 2017

Congress may pass a temporary spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. It would move the deadline to May 5th. 

ABC15 reached out to Governor Doug Ducey. His office says the governor is monitoring the situation closely. 

The state of Arizona lost $27 million in park revenue during the shutdown of 2013. Senator John McCain held a Facebook town hall Thursday. When referencing the shutdown he said, "It's an embarrassment if we shutdown the government. It is outrageous in many respects. But there are areas such as veterans and other obligations of government that will not be shutdown."

What would be impacted in our state would be 20 national parks. So would national monuments. Passport offices could also be closed along with the food assistance program known as WIC.

Areas that would not be affected would be the mail service, along with Social Security, Medicare and unemployment benefits.