Good Samaritan, Phoenix teacher hospitalized after struck by car

Posted at 6:57 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-15 18:24:29-04

A beloved Phoenix teacher won't be returning to the classroom this upcoming school year after suffering head trauma from being hit by a car.

"He has traumatic brain injury, a serious concussion, a mild amnesia, many lacerations..." said Apostle Webster, Anthony Webster's father.

Anthony Webster was on his way to his brother's house Thursday.  As he drove down 83rd Avenue and Camelback Road he saw a woman passed out; he believed she was having a seizure and stopped to help.

"He’s always trying to help somebody; that’s what he does," Webster said.

After paramedics and police arrived he tried to move his car to a safer area. That's when he was hit. The driver of the other car stopped and was fully cooperating with police. 

Webster was transported to the hospital with serious injuries to his head. His father said his son passed out at the hospital and didn't wake up for three days. 

His family spent three days looking for him. Concerned about his well-being, they were finally able to locate him in a hospital. Webster says his son was struggling with recalling who they were.

"“He keeps asking me questions, 'Where am I? Is this a hotel?' Then he’ll ask 10 minutes later. 'Where am I?'" says Webster.

Fortunately, his memory is coming back to him and doctors believe he will make a full recovery. 

Yesterday doctors let his family know the swelling in Webster's brain was going down. Webster still struggles with memory loss and has trouble with his balance when walking, but his father is just glad that his son is alive. 

Unfortunately, Webster will not be able to return to school at Heritage Elementary School where he teaches and helps coach the girl's basketball team. 

Webster's father says the school has offered to help them and the school principal has visited. Even more, his students had flooded his hospital room with handmade cards and signs wishing him a quick recovery.

"We were at the school yesterday and the students were just, they just started yelling they knew who we were and they said how is Mr. Anthony? Tell Mr. Anthony we love him," said his father.  "He loves children and children gravitate to him."

Webster, had only been teaching at Heritage for about a year and had missed the deadline to receive insurance. With bills piling up quickly and rehab in Anthony's future, his family set up a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical costs.

His father says as long as Anthony follows doctors orders and does every bit of his therapy and rehab he should make a full recovery.