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Fuel shortage still impacting Valley drivers

Posted at 9:15 PM, Apr 01, 2019

Running on empty? You're not alone. For the second week in a row, several Valley gas stations have signs or bags over their pumps.

"No gas, no cars, [it's] so sad," said Josephine Martinez.

Martinez considers herself lucky. On Monday night she found a Fry's Fuel in Tempe that has just been replenished. “I said, 'oh thank you, Lord, thank you Lord there is gas.'"

The Fry's Fuel off Rural Road and Southern Avenue was a different story. Signs showed the station had Regular fuel, but was out of Mid-Grade and Premium Gas.

Fry's officials have reported a "fuel supply issue" in the Valley, but the Arizona Department of Agriculture says that's not exactly the case.

"The Arizona Department of Agriculture has been informed by industry sources that production and transportation of fuel into the Arizona market place is fully operational at this time," said Robert Smook.

"We have been aware through sources that certain retailers are currently experiencing fuel supply issues, however, this is not affecting all retailers."

The fuel supply shortage at Fry's comes just days after Circle K's across the state experienced fuel outages.

Circle K: 'Several days' before Arizona stations are back to full fuel capacity

In a statement provided to ABC15 on March 12, Circle K stated the following:

"Circle K is experiencing fuel outages across Arizona due to a 'perfect storm' of unforeseen circumstances, including isolated issues with its pipeline, refinery supply source, and ethanol distribution. The situation has been exacerbated by the customary fuel blend change at this time of year and high fuel demand due to spring break."