AZ men held in shooting death of CO student

Posted at 12:32 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 15:42:23-04

Four men from Arizona are being held in the shooting death of a Colorado college student during a home invasion.

Twenty-year-old Samuel Gordon, a junior at Fort Lewis College in Durango, was shot in the head after police say the suspects allegedly pushed their way inside his off-campus home around 3:45 a.m. Tuesday. There were four other men in the home at the time who weren't injured.

The Durango Herald reports police stopped the suspects' vehicle as it was leaving the area. Lt. Ray Shupe says one of them is a former Fort Lewis student and an acquaintance of Gordon's. He says it appears that they were all at the same party earlier in the evening.

The Durango Herald identifies the suspects as Kodi Kuauhtli, 19; Alvin Flores, 22; Daniel Wright, 20; and Kuauhtleko Garcia, 21. Kuauhtli, Flores and Wright are from Phoenix. Garcia is from Scottsdale.

Gordon was from nearby Cortez and was majoring in biology.