Firefighters help 4 hikers suffering heat-related issues before noon Sunday

Posted at 12:53 PM, May 06, 2018

As temperatures rise in the Phoenix area, so do the number of heat-related illnesses.

Before noon on Sunday, fire departments from across the Valley responded to three separate mountain rescues at Thunderbird Conservation Park, Pinnacle Peak and Camelback Mountain

Glendale firefighters responded to Thunderbird Conservation Park to help a man in his 40s “going in-and-out of conscious,” a Glendale fire spokeswoman said.The man was with three other people and firefighters were able to safely big wheel him down the mountain.

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Around 11 a.m., Scottsdale firefighters were called to Pinnacle Peak Trail after receiving reports of a 47-year-old woman suffering “heat-related” issues,” officials said. She was quickly helped down the mountain by fire crews.

Just before noon, Phoenix firefighters were called to Camelback Mountain’s Cholla Trail after receiving reports about two female hikers in their 20s starting to feel “overheated.” The pair was close to the bottom of the trail and an off-duty firefighter walked them down to safety.

Before 12:30 p.m. temperatures had already reached 106-degrees — surpassing the previously set record of 105-degrees in 1947.

The National Weather Service has offered the following tips for people to consider during Excessive Heat Warnings:

With temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, heat stations are being set up across the Valley to help those most in need. For more information on where to find those heat stations, CLICK HERE