Fake vs. real weddings: Why are styled shoots becoming more popular?

Posted at 10:54 PM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-20 09:03:25-04

If future brides are browsing through Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, there is a chance that picture perfect wedding is a fake. Styled shoots are becoming more popular and customers should know the difference. 

At Mountain Shadows Resort in Scottsdale there is all the last minute preparations and hustle and bustle one would expect on a wedding day. 

"It's probably my type A-type personality that has everything organized like this," said Katrina Amburgey.

She is pulling her 12th styled wedding shoot together, basically planning a wedding in just a few weeks. 

"The vendors being on board, being more willing to create these things, it's becoming more popular," said Amburgey. "It's the weather, it's the scenery, it's how long the weather lasts."

Once the models are made up and dressed up, the photographers start snapping away. 

"They split us into groups and on the back she's got 20 minute little sessions," said photographer Stephanie Heymann. 

Each photographer paid the fee of $150 to be part of the pool of wedding bliss. 

"It's a wonderful way for photographers to beef up their portfolio and try out new gear," said Heymann. 

They can also experiment with different lighting, poses and get creative. 

"You never want to practice things at a real wedding, that would not be a great idea," said photographer Benjamin Clifford. 

The fee the photographers pay goes toward the makeup, models and flowers. 

"There's a general idea, which is like a florists dream," said florist so we just get to create whatever we want, which is fun," said florist Skyla Wilson. 

And a lot of people jump on board, knowing the social media posts and tags will get them more business. 

"After I do a styled shoot, I receive so many messages in my inbox because I've reached such a big audience that I would not be able to reach on my own," said makeup artist Monique Flores.

The setting makes for a beautiful picture and a win, win for businesses, but people should know the difference between a styled shoot and a real wedding. A real wedding can sometimes bring more pressure and a tighter timeline for a photographer.

but as a customer--you should know the difference between a styled shoot--and a real wedding--that can sometimes bring more pressure and a tighter timeline for a photographer. 

"If it doesn't look like it's completely together, just ask them up front, 'Have you done a real wedding or are these all styled shoots?'" said Amburgey.