Fact-checking Donald Trump's Oct. 29 Phoenix rally

Posted: 6:26 PM, Oct 29, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-30 01:46:29-04

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump doubled down on his criticism of the Affordable Care Act and Hillary's Clinton's emails at his rally Saturday afternoon at the Phoenix Convention Center. 

We truth-checked a few of his claims:

3. ICE endorsement 

Trump reiterated Saturday that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement--the federal agency--endorsed him for president. He made this same claim during the second presidential debate in St. Louis.

PolitiFact found that a federal agency cannot endorse a presidential candidate. Rather, Trump received his endorsement from ICE's union, which represents 5,000 immigration officers. 

So they rated his claim Mostly False. 


2. Middle East wars

On the turmoil overseas, Trump said "Hillary and our failed Washington establishment has spent $6 trillion on wars in the Middle East."

Trump made the same claim at a rally in Charlotte earlier this week.

According to the Congressional Research Service and multiple university studies, the total spent on both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is actually closer to $5 trillion. 

So PolitiFact rated his claim Half True. 


1. The murder rate

In his criticism of the news media, Trump said the murder rate is something no one talks about.

"The murder rate in the United States, it's the worst," he said. "The highest it's been in 45 years."

This is also a claim Trump made during the second presidential debate. PolitiFact found that September 2016 FBI data does show that murders are up almost 11 percent, the highest since 1970-71. But experts also note that the spike in murders comes after historic lows in violent crime.

So they rated his claim Mostly True.