FACT CHECK: Donald Trump claims Hillary Clinton has not answered a 'single question' on immigration

Posted at 3:46 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 22:00:58-04

Donald Trump unveiled a 10-step plan at the Phoenix Convention Center last week to fix what he called a "broken" immigration system.

Besides calling for an "ideological certification" of undocumented immigrants seeking citizenship, he used the platform to attack Hillary Clinton on immigration.

"Now that you’ve heard about Hillary Clinton’s plan, about which she has not answered a single question, let me tell you about my plan," Trump said.

"Now that you've heard about Hillary Clinton's plan, about which she has not answered a single question, let me tell you about my plan."

We decided to put this claim through a truth-check.

Has Clinton failed to address immigration when asked about it?

Multiple instances 

We did not hear back from Trump’s press office, but we found several instances in which Clinton answered questions about how she would handle immigration as commander in chief.

Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin provided us with multiple examples, the most recent being a Q&A during the minority journalists convention.

Clinton’s first question at the event, according to Time Magazine’s transcript, was about immigration.

Lori Montenegro, National Correspondent for Telemundo, asked Clinton to "walk us through" the steps of how she planned to achieve her well-known promise of proposing an immigration bill in her first 100 days as president.

"How will you get immigration reform, something that President Obama was not able to do," Montenegro asked, "so that Latinos can believe that something is going to happen, that their vote, again, is not being taken for granted considering that the House, at least the House, will remain under Republican control?"

Clinton’s answer was, essentially, that she hoped the Democrats retake the Senate and force the House to vote on a bipartisan bill.

"I want this to be a clear, high priority for my administration. We will be prepared to introduce legislation as quickly as we can do so," Clinton said. "I am hoping that the outcome of the election, which I am working hard to ensure a victory, will send a clear message to our Republican friends that it’s time for them to quit standing in the way of immigration reform."

That example alone is enough to disprove Trump’s claim. But we found more examples of Clinton explaining her immigration position in interviews and debates.

Clinton also sat down with Vox editor Ezra Klein in June. He asked her several questions on immigration, including whether more documented immigrants would help America’s economy.

"I think we have to look at all of these issues -- comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship would deal with a lot of these concerns, not just the 11 million people here: how we would regularize them, what kind of steps they’d have to go through," Clinton said. "Because I believe they do have to meet certain standards if they’re going to be on a path to citizenship."

Clinton’s immigration plan calls for encouraging immigrants to become citizens, changing detention policies and using legislation to create a path to citizenship for the undocumented population.

Our ruling

Trump said Clinton has "not answered a single question" about her immigration plan.

We quickly found several instances of Clinton answering multiple questions about her immigration plan. Trump’s claim is ridiculous and unfounded.

We rate it Pants on Fire!


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