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EAT REAL GOLD! $1,000 chicken wings across the street from Phoenix Suns Arena

New York City restaurant serves 24 karat gold wings
Posted at 11:03 AM, Jul 05, 2021

PHOENIX — Would you spend $1,000 on chicken wings? Maybe if they were covered in REAL 24 karat gold! Not to mention a super secret special sauce that will keep you licking your lips. Curious what gold tastes like? The only place you will find out is at The Ainsworth in downtown Phoenix right across the street from Phoenix Suns Arena.

The Ainsworth's Managing Partner and Owner Scott McIntire explains how to order. "You can find them on the menu in a couple different purchasing options: the stand alone value of $60 for 10 wings or the big baller package of 100 wings plus a bottle of Jay Z's latest Ace of Spades champagne for $1,500! Champagne pairs well with 24K gold!"

See the layers of real 24 karat gold on the chicken wings in the video above!

These glittering wings are one of The Ainsworth's signature items. Created by Kardashian family friend Jonathan Cheban, these wings will blow you away with their price and mystery flavor!

The chicken sits in a 24-hour secret-recipe brine (to make the wings juicy and packed with flavor). One...two...THREE layers of gold dust are carefully applied and then comes the finishing touch to the exquisite entrée -- a bath of 24K gold flakes. You are truly eating gold!

Worried about the safety factor? These wings are FDA-approved which means all of the ingredients are safe to consume, including the additional gold dye that gives them a stronger gold color.

Let's talk about the pageantry of bringing out this party snack. From the kitchen, your wings are marched out to your table -- so have your phone camera ready. Piled high in layers like a mini castle made out of chicken, the whole restaurant is notified of your order.

You can order 10, 20 or 100 wings at a time. The stack of 100 wings is presented on a gold plate -- like it is being served to royalty!

The wings are marinated in a secret recipe that will make you wish you ordered more! McIntire issues a friendly warning to all curious customers, "The gold is very messy! It comes off on your hands and teeth so you need to have a ton of napkins and wipes, but it makes for a fun experience!"


The Ainsworth
3 S 2nd St Suite 117
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Across the street from Chase Field and Phoenix Suns Arena.

Coming downtown can be a hassle and The Ainsworth wants you to know that they have you covered with 2-hour validated parking right below the restaurant. Come in on 3rd St and Washington, park and take the escalator right up to the entrance.