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Dog reunited with family after surviving deadly plane crash near Page

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Posted at 5:14 PM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-30 21:52:41-04

A dog has been reunited with his family after surviving a deadly small plane crash in Paria Plateau near Page on September 22.

DPS troopers say when they arrived on the scene, they noticed a dog sitting near the plane crash. When a helicopter crew arrived, the dog ran away and became lost.

Crews then continued their investigation and returned to the scene on September 25 with the Central Air Rescue crew. When they approached the scene, they noticed the dog had returned to the crash site.

The pup then ran away again, but they were able to lure him back using water.

When they were able to get a leash on the dog, they say although he was hungry and tired, he was in decent shape considering he was involved in a place crash just days before.

The rescue crew flew the dog to the Page Airport, and he was returned to his family by a Coconino County Sheriff’s Deputy.