VIDEO: ADOT releases snowy stats, driving tips

Posted at 11:51 AM, Dec 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-11 13:51:21-05

Our temperatures soar into the triple digits in the summertime, but did you know Arizona also spends millions of dollars on snowy conditions each year?

The Arizona Department of Transportation says dozens of hours of training with hundreds of snowplows, computer simulators and long shifts help keep Arizonans safe each and every winter.

We even have a few snowplows here in the Valley, ADOT says. 

Take a look at ADOT's fun video to check out the interesting statistics about winter work in Arizona below:

Here's a few extra tips to stay safe on the roads when temperatures drop as part of ADOT's "#KnowSnow" campaign:

  • Electric car drivers should make sure their battery is in optimal condition during the winter.
  • All drivers should have an emergency kit with sand, a shovel and winter clothing.
  • Remember to accelerate and drive slower than normal to avoid slipping and sliding.
  • Avoid jerking the steering wheel, braking quickly out of panic and making erratic movements on icy roads.
  • Never pass a snowplow on the roads.
  • Remember ice usually forms on bridges first and may not be visible.

For more helpful tips, visit ADOT's Know Snow and Ice website.