Prisoner killed girlfriend, had sex with corpse

Posted at 5:03 AM, Feb 06, 2016
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ABC15's "Death Row Diaries" takes a look at Arizona’s most notorious death row inmates past and present.

Date of Birth: November 8, 1965

Executed: March 3, 1993

John George Brewer was the first Arizona inmate executed by lethal injection.

Brewer had repeatedly declared that he deserved the death penalty, and he never pleaded for his life, criticizing "'civil libertarians who seek to forward their own agenda on the back of my case."

He never pleaded for his life

In 1987, Brewer and his girlfriend, Rita Brier, were living together in a Flagstaff apartment. In the early morning hours of November 11, they argued about Brewer’s excessive dependence on Brier.

Later that day, Brier told her 22-year-old boyfriend she was leaving him to help him learn to live on his own. Brewer locked the bedroom door and began to beat and strangle Brier. Brier fought for her life in a long struggle as Brewer bit her, tried to gouge her eyes out and choked her with his hands.

Brewer eventually used a tie to strangle his girlfriend to death. She was 22 weeks pregnant at the time.

After taking some time to rest from the attack, Brewer took a shower.  He then had sexual intercourse with the corpse, walked to a nearby bowling alley, called police, and turned himself in.

[The girlfriend] was 22 weeks pregnant

Brewer pled guilty to first-degree murder and was convicted in Coconino County Court. His automatic appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court was upheld.

In February 1993, Brewer’s case entered the federal court system where Brewer’s mother filed a petition challenging Brewer’s competency.

She offered new evidence, specifically two letters written by Brewer from death row where he talked about his belief in the god “Dantain” who ruled the planet “Terracia.” He also described "Fro," who he believed was the child of his god who lived in his girlfriend, writing, “I am the one who killed Fro, the savior of Terracia.”

Despite this evidence, the Federal District Court ruled against Mrs. Brewer and her son was put to death on March 3, 1993.

Brewer’s Last Meal:

3 grilled pork chops with gravy
1/4 lb. bacon
6 fried breaded shrimp
Beef Rice-a-Roni
2-3 slices French bread with butter
2 cans Canada Dry Ginger Ale with ice
1 slice coconut cream pie
1 pint orange juice
1 can chicken noodle soup with crackers
1 can pear halves
Maxwell House Coffee with cream and sugar