Councilman's stolen sunglasses prompt thorough investigation by Phoenix Police

Police lights
Posted at 9:13 PM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 13:20:47-04

It has all the ingredients of a major investigation: There’s DNA testing, surveillance video and witness interviews.

Except what we’re describing is a theft case.

Phoenix Police told ABC15 that City Councilman Jim Waring called police after his $300 prescription sunglasses were stolen from the men’s room at the Mesquite City Library Branch.

We’ve confirmed that an officer, a sergeant, and a lieutenant did respond to the call. Those patrol officers then collected the library’s surveillance video and found an item in the bathroom that may contain the suspect’s DNA on it.

The investigation doesn’t seem like an ordinary instance. So we asked Phoenix Police directly if Waring received any special treatment.

ABC15: If this was an Average Joe and this wasn't a city councilman, would this be the same kind of treatment?

Sgt. Jonathan Howard Phoenix Police: Absolutely.

ABC15: Did he request that a sergeant or lieutenant show up at all?

Sgt. Jonathan Howard Phoenix Police: No, not at all. In fact, he was embarrassed to report it in the first place. But he felt the responsibility and the right to do so.

Sgt. Howard denies that Waring received any special treatment. In fact, he described the collection of evidence as routine as most of it was readily available.

Councilman Waring did not answer ABC15’s calls today.

However, the City of Phoenix responded to our questions about this case. They released the following statement:

On August 3, Councilman Waring was the victim of a crime as his prescription sunglasses were stolen.  As any resident should do, he called the police and reported it.  Our police department expects anyone who might be in this situation to do the same thing.  The person who calls the police does not determine how officers should respond, those decisions are made by the police based on the evidence presented to them.
Councilman Waring contacted the City Manager the day of the theft and told him he reported it and expected no special treatment.  Councilman Waring had no role in determining the officer’s response.

No suspect has been identified or arrested in the case.