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​Congressman Gallego wants Arizona governor to use CARES Act to lower gas prices

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Posted at 7:55 PM, May 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-09 22:55:19-04

Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego is renewing his call to Doug Ducey to spend the state's remaining $2 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds to artificially lower the price of gasoline in Arizona.

Gallego made the appeal as the price for a gallon of gas went up again Monday. AAA says the average cost for a gallon of regular gas is $4.66 in Arizona.

With Chevron and Shell reporting record profits for the quarter, inflation is masking windfall profits in the oil industry.

If you're not a stockholder, you're probably suffering like Saundra Cole.

"I just spent $40 to fill my car halfway up yesterday. and that's a lot of money I was paying $20 to fill my car up," Cole said.

Saundra Cole is retired and lives on a fixed income. Gas, groceries, and medicines are all costing more.

Cole attended a video conference call with Congressman Ruben Gallego Monday.

She hoped the Congressman would offer some sign of hope or relief. He did not.

"We do need a willing partner on the other side. I just don't see it," Gallego said.

Congressman Gallego sees little relief coming from Congress, but he believes the governor could step in and lower gas prices in Arizona.

"The quickest effect that we can do is get the governor to spend the CARES Act money to get people relief at the pump right now," Gallego said.

A spokesman for the governor dismissed the request.

"Serious long-term solutions are what's needed and a good place to start would be to curb out of control federal government spending," a spokesperson for Governor Ducey said.

Saundra Cole doesn't want to hear one branch of government lecture another, she just wants prices to go down.

"I don't see... any hope for us. It's upsetting. It's very hurtful."