Congressional Budget Office's analysis of new healthcare could come Monday

Posted at 6:11 AM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-26 09:11:44-04

The American Healthcare Act could be up for a vote later this week. The Congressional Budget Office's analysis of it is expected to be released either Monday or Tuesday. 

Some Arizonans went to Senator Jeff Flake to vote 'no' on Trumpcare and they all had similar concerns. They rallied at his office and then wrote down how they'd be affected by this bill hoping to hand deliver their notes to Sentor Flake. 

They didn't actually see him but he did release a statement to ABC15. It read in part, "I'd like to thank those constituents who came out to share their concerns and I'm pleased everyone who wanted to had the opportunity to speak with my staff."

Neither he nor Senator John Mccain have said much more about where they stand on this bill. 

But a big concern among this group seemed to be the changes to Medicare and Medicaid inTrumpcare. 

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jeff Cunha says, "My wife is on Medicare now. She's disabled and before she turned 65 she had Medicaid and without it, millions and millions of people will suffer and some people will die."

Trumpcare would end the Medicaid expansion. Some people like that you won't get fined if you choose not to buy a plan. But it does get rid of taxes for wealthy people and insurers. 

Early numbers show 465,000 Arizonans would lose coverage. 

But under Obamacare, premiums skyrocketed in our state and some people can't afford it. 

And major insurance companies have dropped out of the market - Humana was just the latest. 

Former nurse Susan Wilson says, "It's better than it was before and it's certainly what they're talking about with this new act isn't going to make it better. This is not a fix. This is a total dismantling of the safety nets for the poorest and most vulnerable people."

Under Trumpcare, insurers can charge older people more and younger Americans would get cheaper rates.

This bill will likely see some tweaks before the final version goes up for a vote later in the week.