Bratwurst Nacho Bowl Added To Brewers Spring Training Lineup

Posted at 12:51 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 16:36:06-04

The next time you go out to the ballpark, don't just settle for peanuts and Cracker Jack. First off, peanuts are already in Cracker Jack. Second, ballpark food has become a constant game of one-upmanship filled with deep-fried layers of meaty and cheesy goodness!

The Milwaukee Brewers revealed their new spring training menu, bringing hints of the Midwest to the desert. These hearty selections will have you raising your beer...and your eyebrows!

Watch the video above to see what these monstrous ballpark creations look like!

Bratcho: Fresh Dale's Wisconsin cheese is ladled onto a bed on kettle chips. From there, spoonfuls of steaming bratwurst slices are poured onto the cheese. Onions, jalepeños and sour cream garnish the dish. $8.75

Klements Sausage Sampler: Self-explanatory. You have your Italian, Polish, chorizo, bratwurst and beef hot dog. Served on a bed of kettle chips plus side pickle. $9.50

Jumbo Long Brats: It's a really big bratwurst. Dodger Dog-esque. Served on a bed of kettle chips plus side pickle. $8.50

BBQ Sandwich: Brisket, pork or chicken. Gracious family-style portions of meat. $10.50

Canyon 49 BBQ Burger: Created and served by students from local Grand Canyon University. Beef patty, cheddar cheese, BACON, onion straws and homemade BBQ sauce. Served with homemade potato chips. $9.00

Cheese Curds: Small mozzarella sticks of the Midwest. $7.00

Do-It-Yourself Bloody Mary + Garnish: This is a two-handed project. Select from a variety of hot sauces from all flavorful corners of the United States. The garnish is a shish kabob of kalamata olives, bratwurst, colby jack cheese, pepperjack cheese and cherry tomatoes. $11.50

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