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Bounce house castles that fit in your living room for Arizona summers!

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Posted at 1:01 PM, Jun 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-03 16:01:28-04

PHOENIX — The newest trend in Arizona parties is figuring out how to have outdoor fun — indoors! Introducing Inflate Forty Eight's Petite 6x6 Bitty Bouncer — a bounce house castle that can fit in your living room.

You have asked and Inflate Forty Eight is answering! Finally, a party company that is servicing our entire state. With their newest branch opening in Tucson, it no longer matters where you live in Arizona. Contact their team and they will find a way to get a bounce house castle to your doorstep!

See how easy it is for adults to jump in the video above!

These bounce houses are the closest you will get to an amusement park in your backyard AND they are not just for kids anymore! Offering both little ones and adults gravity-defying fun, this grown-up version of a bounce house is guaranteed to make your day -- even your wedding day -- a day of jumping for joy! Go crazy and make a wonderland with multiple pink and white castles. What was once only in the United Kingdom is now here in the United States and you can only do it with Arizona's Inflate Forty Eight!

Co-owners Jack and Julie Nielsen wanted to rent a bounce house for their son's first birthday and could not find anything that was affordable from a reputable company. Jack came up with the idea of starting their own company during the summer of 2020. "It was a great time to start Inflate Forty Eight because most people were at home due to COVID-19. Everyone was at home having their own parties so we took advantage of this unique opportunity and it worked out great!"

Julie elaborates, "Another great thing about the timing is we have been able to get super involved with the Arizona event community. We work with all of the different balloon companies in Arizona. Create and Inflate did the set up for this bounce house and we are having tons of fun collaborating with influencers across the Valley. We are also super excited to bring Inflate nationwide."

Adult-sized bounce houses are the new trend for weddings, birthdays and holidays! Who needs a photo booth when a bounce house can provide the most epic in-the-moment wedding photos? "They have become really popular at weddings! It is a great place to send the kids to get them out of the way and the pictures we get of the wedding party look cool! The couple gets a multi-colored balloon garland that matches the theme of their wedding and it makes for a great corner-piece of the event," exclaims Jack.

Inflate Forty Eight offers discounts for multi-rentals. You can rent as many of their bounce houses as you want. They come in white, orange, green, blue, pink, yellow, teal, purple and tie-dye! Their repertoire consists of multiple kinds of bounce houses, water slides and inflatable movie screens. Another perk is they will deliver the fun to your doorstep for FREE if you live in the East Valley. Good news for northern and southern Arizonans: Inflate Forty Eight will deliver outside of the Valley to Tucson or Flagstaff depending on their availability.


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