Bacon Mac N Cheese Hot Dog Steals Show On Chicago Cubs New Spring Training Menu

Posted at 5:51 PM, Feb 24, 2017

As if riding the wave of winning World Series wasn't enough, the Chicago Cubs have something new to brag about. THEIR SPRING TRAINING MENU.

Watch the video above to take your eyes on a ride and see all of the food in its steamy glory!

If you like food and you are human, you will lose your mind trying to choose what item to eat FIRST. Are you feeling cheesy? How about some extra sauce? But of course, YOU MUST NOT FORGET ABOUT THE CLASSICS.

Are you ready for this? No seriously, don't drool on your device.

Bacon Mac N Cheese Dog: Creamy mac n cheese rests gently upon a hot dog, topped with thick-cut bacon bits.

(I ate two myself and could have crushed a third.)

Pizza Dog: Italian sausage, provolone cheese, marinara, and pepperoni all sit on a specialty homemade baguette.

(Dear food challenge friends, this one is for YOU.)

Chicago Burger: Authentic down to the neon green relish. Burger patty adorned with chopped white onions, dill pickle spear, and pickled sport peppers.

(The Chicago Dog is the #1 seller at Sloan Park so they had a little fun and tried it on a burger!)