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Arizona's COVID-19 death toll more than doubled in one week

Posted at 9:13 PM, Apr 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-12 01:19:31-04

Arizona's death toll more than doubled in one week, signaling the beginning of Arizona's projected rise and peak in COVID-19 cases.

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On April 4, the Arizona Department of Health Services reported a total of 52 deaths in the state. On April 10, the reported death toll was 108 in Arizona. In that same week, 11 people died on April 11, and 12 people on April 5 due to COVID-19.

The University of Washington's COVID-19 Model projects that Arizona will reach its peak in deaths per day on April 27 with a projected total of 28 deaths. The same model projects Arizona will reach its peak in total deaths on June 12 with a total of 974.

"Even though we're going to hit the peak, it's not gonna let up. because as you know it's gonna hit its peak, then it's going to work its way down," said Frank LoVecchio, an Emergency Department Physician at Valleywise Health. "Two weeks after we hit our peak we'll be where we are today."

As of Saturday, April 10, Arizona has 3,393 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Females make up 53 percent of positive cases, men make up 47 percent.