Arizonans bracing for extremely hot weather

Posted at 5:54 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 21:33:53-04

As many residents Valley prepares for an extremely hot weekend, other long-time Phoenicians are treating it like any other summer.As the Valley prepares to get scorched in extreme heat this weekend, for many long-time Phoenix residents, it's just another Arizona summer.

Those who lived through the 122 degree record-setting day more than 15 years ago say after a certain point, it all feels the same. It's just very hot.

Eduardo Haramina has been running his hot dog stand "Ed the Hotdogger" at the corner of Central and Jefferson for 46 years now.

"This is my 46th summer and I love it. Love every minute of it," said Haramina.

He said the heat was good for his arthritis, and he preferred the hot, over cold weather any day.

"I just hate the cold weather. I don't like to scoop the snow.This is why I enjoy Phoenix so much," said Haramina.

He remembered the scorching day more than 15 years ago when he made the front page of a national newspaper.

"USA Today put me on the first page of the paper I think it was in 1989 or 1990, it was 122 degrees and I was here — at this corner," he said.

Despite the heat, Haramina said business was bustling even in the dog days of an Arizona summer. Customers continued to line up outside his stand to pick up a daily special.

"They drink a little more soda than they eat. We sell more sodas, more lemonade, more water," said Haramina.

Haramina said he stayed cool while cooking up hot dogs while making simple fashion statement: his neck scarf.

"I'm using this not because it's looking good. This one here it cools me off, it's always wet. When it drys I put a little bit of cold water on it in the back, and it cools me off," said Haramina.