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Arizona Trump supporters nearly kicked off flight for chanting

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jan 08, 2021

A flight full of Arizonans returning from the Washington D.C. rallies and riots were nearly kicked off their plane.

The pilot told passengers to "keep it quiet or we will kick you off in Kansas City."

At least one of the passengers on board was involved in the harassment and heckling of Senator Lindsey Graham at the D.C. airport.

The pilot never had to follow-through with the threat though, as the chanting ended and the flight made it to Phoenix.

Many of the Arizonans on board were fine with the chanting, as they were the same men and women on Capitol grounds Wednesday.
A handful of the President Trump supporters told ABC15 they participated in the rallies and riots but were quick to absolve themselves of any violence and criminal wrongdoing.

Almost all of them blamed 'Antifa' for the violence that led to five deaths, despite no evidence. In fact, most videos appear to show President Trump supporters engaged in fights with some police.