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Arizona State Senator diagnosed with COVID-19, 5 family members infected with the virus

Posted at 6:35 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 21:35:28-04

On Monday, while protestors marched at the capitol, State Senator Lupe Contreras and his wife were tested for COVID-19. Contreras suspected he had it. The fever, cough and difficulty breathing were all signs.

That and the fact his mother and father, sister and niece also have COVID.

"I'm living how it could take over a family that quick," Contreras said, "It did, it took over six of our family members within a week."

Now the State Senator and his wife are quarantined in their home, confined to the bedroom mainly. While their children ages 11, 9 and 7 do their best to help. From washing the family clothes every day, to delivering meals to the bedroom door.

For a father, husband and son used to being there for his family, COVID-19 has left him feeling helpless.

"As an adult child, you want to make sure your parents are fine, your wife is fine and your kids are fine. It comes down to everything starts crumbling around you and that's a scary thing."

For those who are minimizing the effects of the virus, Contreras says everyone has a right to their opinion but he says, "people say this is fabricated. You know what, I don't wish my so-called fabricated life or my so-called whatever people want to justify it as upon anyone. This is, with all due respect, hell on wheels."

For now, all Contreras can do is sit in his bedroom and worry about those he can't help. At night when a daughter coughs. A worried son who can't sleep.

"Every little peep your kids make you got to make sure you put on your mask to not upset them, and you try to get as close as you can to make sure they're good, and it's just scary because all that goes thru your head. I want to protect them, but I am the one who can give them something."

The troubled breathing and the spike in his temperature come and go. Contreras has no idea if this is the worst of it or not. Not knowing may be the worst symptom of all.