AZ Lottery announces new scratcher game booklet

Posted at 12:59 PM, Dec 01, 2015

Ahead of the holidays, the Arizona Lottery launched a new game Tuesday and at a discounted price.

"The Big Money Game Book" is a packet of six $5 scratchers. It only costs $20 for the booklet, which is a savings of $10 (individual scratchers cost $5).

Scratcher enthusiasts will receive a Money Bag Doubler, 5x The Money, Money Multiplier, Jumbo Bucks Doubler and two Big Money scratch-offs in each packet.

Each booklet has with it the possibility of winning up to $150,000, according to the Lottery.

The Arizona Lottery is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a series of 10 specially-designed games. Those scratchers are marked with a special seal in the corner.

if you buy a commemorative scratcher and don't win, you can get enter the Second Chance Drawing at The Lottery will pull around 200 tickets on March. 21, June 22, Sept. 21 and Dec, 9, 2016 carrying with them a prize between $500 and $150,000.

Just to be safe, gambling does carry with it some risk. If you have a problem and need help, contact theArizona Office of Problem Gambling.