Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs bill to take effect Saturday, programs to help the state

Posted at 4:03 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-06 01:29:51-04

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed numerous bills into law this legislative session to help a variety of causes.

Many went into effect immediately after signing, more will take effect this Saturday, and the remainder by 2017.

These actions support job creation, entrepreneurialism, education, children and family protection, constitutional liberties, and keeping Arizona on top for innovation and job growth.

Here is a list of those taking effect on Saturday:

SB 1350: Allows more access for home sharing companies and programs for visiting tourists.

SB 1524:  Create a welcoming economy for new business so they may set roots in Arizona.

HB 2452: Removes “grandmother penalty” to ensure grandparents aren't financially punished for taking care of [raising] their grandchild.

HB 2666: To establish the Office of Economic Opportunity to support job creation.

 HB 2613: To make license regulation more lenient; only required to protect the public health and safety.

SB 1283: Give physicians better access to an updated Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program.

HB 2355: Allow pharmacists to give Naloxone (a drug that helps opioid-related overdose) to a family member or community member without a prescription.

Also, you can place wine orders by phone, mail or online. Before, there were restrictions on getting wine from out of state.

See video above for in depth details.