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Arizona Election 2019: Track results here

Arizona Election
Posted at 6:41 PM, Nov 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-07 16:27:54-05

Tuesday was Election Day across the state. Not only were tens of millions of dollars at stake for school funding, but so was pay for the Glendale mayor and city council.

Get latest election results HERE.

Glendale voters overwhelmingly decided not to raise the salaries of the mayor and city council members.

Right now, the Glendale mayor is getting paid $48,000 a year and council members are getting $34,000 a year. If approved, the mayor would have received a 43% raise, pushing that salary to more than $68,000. Council members would have seen an increase in salary to $53,000.

All 50 school districts across Arizona meanwhile are waiting to see if voters approve their bonds and overrides. The funding requests total $1.6 billion, nearly double the typical amount.

Voters did pass a 15% budget increase in Mesa which will help retain and attract quality teachers, improve school safety and security, support college and workforce prep.

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And Tucson will not become Arizona's first sanctuary city after voters rejected Prop 205 Tuesday night.

The ballot measure was soundly rejected by 71.4 percent of voters in Tucson, according to unofficial election results released by the city, with all precincts reporting. Some remaining ballots will be counted in the coming days.

Click on the points in the map to find out more information about each school district with bond and override measures up for a vote across Arizona.

The full list of school bond and override elections can also be found below: