Alfred Angelo announces store closures, widespread panic of brides-to-be

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 14, 2017

A day after a popular bridal store announced its sudden closure, questions have remained unanswered.

It's not just brides who are left hanging. Business owners were also blindsided by the abrupt closing of Alfred Angelo stores.

Janine Kesselman, owner of Janine's Alterations in Phoenix, said she found out the company was closing from a customer.

"We've had a phone call that said now that Alfred Angelo is going out of business, do you have the style? And I'm like, 'They're what? Excuse me?'" Kesselman said.

She also carries bridal wear, and Alfred Angelo is the only line she sells. She has about $10,000 worth of inventory on her hands.

"It's going to impact me a bunch, whereas all the other stores that carry Alfred Angelo also carry other designers," Kesselman said.

Just hours before the bridal company closed, Kesselman said the company tried to get her to buy a new shipment.

So far not one word from the company or her sales representative about why or how to handle pending customer orders.

"I would've assumed that they would've let us know because it impacts all of us, but we have not heard anything,” Kesselman said.

Alfred Angelo’s website is still up showing sales.

In the meantime, Kesselman's livelihood hangs in the balance.

"If I have to liquidate I'll find a way to do it,” Kesselman said.

Some shops have stepped up to help these brides out by offering a discount to those affected, including Grace Style and Bridal in Gilbert and David's Bridal shops nationwide.