AAA sees an increase in calls during Valley's excessive heat warning

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 08:08:19-04

AAA Arizona is dealing with double the amount of calls for service as the Valley is seeing record-setting temperatures and cars are overheating.

On their average day, they have between 500 and 700 calls, but this week they have had more than 1,000 calls a day — mostly for overheating and tire-related issues.

Driving around the Valley ABC15 spotted a stranded couple with a broken down truck near Camelback Road and 35th Avenue.

"It is just so hot that our car overheated," said Erika Soto.

Thankfully Erika and her partner Jorge found a spot to pull off with a little shade to block the hot sun.

"Excessive heat the last couple days," said Soto. "And it just did it to our little truck this time."

They were waiting for a family member to come to their rescue but were mourning what could be the loss of their trusty truck that they have had for decades.

"Since 1986 and we've never had an issue with it 'til now," said Soto.

Over at the AAA Arizona Dispatch Center in Phoenix, their dispatchers were working overtime to get to all of their calls for service.

"Right now we are getting slammed with calls," said AAA spokesperson Michelle Donati.  "It is very hot and vehicles are just succumbing to the heat."

If a car does break down, AAA suggests the driver seek shelter until help arrives.

"Wait inside in the air conditioning," said Donati. "Our drivers will always call you when they're approaching."

As for Erika and Jorge, they packed water and were minutes away from help but now they have to plan to say goodbye to their truck that could not survive another Phoenix summer.

"Time to go to the new car dealership now," laughed Soto.