Work your entire body in 30 minutes for 30 days, with a personal trainer & lots of equipment for $45

Posted at 11:05 AM, Sep 06, 2016

Are you tired of doing cardio but know you need the workout? Well how about trying a 30-minute kickboxing circuit?

You’ll have a chance to really work up a sweat and for a great price with this Smart Shopper Deal of the Day.

9Round Fitness is a 30-minute kickboxing circuit and there’s nothing boring about it. You literally don’t waste a single minute…it’s a 30-minute full body workout.

There are no class times…workouts start every three minutes and the owners say you’ll burn up to 500 calories each workout.

There are nine stations and it includes everything from dumbbells, jump ropes, heavy bags, speed bags and there’s even a whole station dedicated to your core.

The workouts change daily so there’s less of a chance to get bored.

The regular cost for a month-to-month membership is $99, plus a $59 registration fee -- and wraps and gloves will cost you $45.

But Smart Shoppers won’t pay that price.

Go in and mention Smart Shopper by Friday, September 9th, and you’ll get a 30-day membership for $45.

That includes your equipment, a personal trainer and you can even get help from an expert nutritionist.

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