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Will Spray Chalk let you create temporary masterpieces?

Posted: 6:53 AM, Aug 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-24 09:53:12-04

What if you could create fun and cool expressions on any surface you can think of, your own work of art where you’d least expect it?

The claim is you can do just that with Spray Chalk!

It's supposed to go where sidewalk chalk can't, turning outside surfaces into playing fields, games, signs, or outdoor masterpieces!

Just pop off the top and spray.

The Spray Chalk is supposed to dry instantly, turning to powder, and one can cover up to 80 linear feet.

It’s also supposed to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

So let's test it on the sidewalk and compare to normal chalk.

Right away, we notice the Spray Chalk was much bolder and easy.

Time for the grass; again, sprayed on very easily, looks almost like spray paint. 

Next, we tried it on a window, and again, we created a masterpiece.

While Spray Chalk is said to be temporary, it may take some scrubbing on more porous surfaces.

And if you don't wash it away or if it doesn't rain, it's supposed to fade and turn white.

So now it's time for the real test: let's see how well it washes away with a garden hose as it suggests.

On the sidewalk, it could still be dominantly seen after using the garden hose. We even tried scrubbing and power washing, but our art is there to stay, even a week later.

For the windows, it came right off! Same with the synthetic grass!

We bought Spray Chalk at Target for $14.99.

So, where does it rank on our 'Bull or No Bull' meter?

I'm going with 'No Bull', because it lives up to the claim of working where chalk can't go.

However, it didn't work well on sidewalk to wash off, and it stained my hand, so be careful!