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Will the SnackMaker make you look like a gourmet chef?

Posted at 7:04 AM, Dec 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-07 09:33:40-05

Do you love gourmet snacks, but you don’t have the skills to make them? Well, the SnackMaker may be your solution.

It has a blade that acts as a mixer and spatula. The pot even has a built-in strainer and steam vent. It also comes with a recipe book, so we decided to make some munchies!

There are so many reasons I wanted this to work!

We made regular popcorn, candy bar popcorn, and crispy rice treats. For the popcorn, it was pretty simple. We just added oil to the pot, poured the kernels in the lid door, and started stirring. Immediately the popping began. It worked!

So let's sweeten the recipe with candy! The instructions say to add our chocolate and stir until it's melted. Turning the handle was extremely difficult, so much so that I was afraid it would break. And sure enough, the blade was deformed from stirring. Plus, the chocolate didn't mix well- only covering half!

As for the crispy rice treats, we got into the holiday spirit with red and green marshmallows. The recipe was similar to making it in a regular pot. Again, it was very hard to stir and in the end, it didn't do a good job of mixing, the marshmallows weren't evenly distributed.

We bought ours for $19.99, but it's now at Fry's Electronics for about 6 bucks. So where does it rank on our Bull, No Bull meter? I'm going with Bull.

It actually made many of our snack recipes harder and didn't do a great job stirring the ingredients.

Do you have simpler ways to make snacks?

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