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Will the Potato Express make multiple potatoes in 4 minutes?

Posted at 7:19 AM, Feb 13, 2018

You say potato, I say you pronounce it really doesn't matter. The real test is the best and fastest way to make them!

Today we are trying out the Potato Express. Will it work?

The claim is it will make the perfect potatoes right in your microwave in just four minutes and you can make more than one at a time. So let's see how long it takes using the microwave with and without the Potato Express...

We bought two potatoes, both about 1.5 pounds. We put the first one in the microwave and let it cook. In about four minutes, the potato was ready to eat.

Next, we cooked the second potato using the Potato Express. The instructions are easy: Put it in the bag, put it into the microwave flap side down and cook according to the chart. In three minutes our potato was done.

So far the Potato Express is a real spud!

We tried it again, this time using 2.5-pound sweet potatoes.

Again we saved a little time using the Potato Express…six minutes compared to eight minutes using the microwave alone.

But now for the real test: two large potatoes at the same time. The two large potatoes that I cooked in the microwave took eight minutes -- two minutes quicker using the Potato Express!

So the Potato Express does live up to its claim of making potatoes how you like quicker.

We paid about $8 at Walmart so the choice is yours…. Are a few minutes worth the cost?