Does Magic Finder keep you from losing keys?

Posted at 11:01 PM, Sep 13, 2015

Just my luck... I need to leave and I can't find my keys.

The Magic Finder is supposed to have a solution.

The claim is you will never lose anything again because it’s supposed to find anything, anywhere.

But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it.

I bought the Magic Finder online for $20 and it came with the device and two batteries.

You also need to download the free Magic Finder app and install the battery.

But I had some technical difficulties.

Even though the Magic Finder was less than a foot away from my phone, I got an error message saying it was out of range.

Eventually I got it to work.

So I put the Magic Finder on my keys and walked throughout the house and then tried it again around the office to see if the app would find the keys.

I heard it beeping every time.

So far, I'm impressed.

But not so fast; the battery died within two days.

The app also lets you use your phone to visually track the distance to your lost item.

So I had someone hide my keys in the newsroom and attempted to find them using the radar.

But there's a huge problem... The map shows you the distance but not the direction... So that wasn't very helpful at all.

You're also supposed to be able press the button on the Magic Finder to locate your phone.

That feature was very inconsistent.

And another disappointment, the app went off on my phone several times, even though I wasn't touching the Magic Finder or the phone.

Overall I have to say I was optimistic but the Magic Finder just didn't work consistent enough to make it worth the cash.

I give the Magic Finder a thumbs down.