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Will the Crumby get rid of crumbs on any surface?

Posted at 6:57 AM, Sep 20, 2018

One reason I don't eat snacks in bed is because I don't want to sleep with crumbs or bugs.

I may have a solution, the Crumby Mini-Vacuum, and it's as small as the palm of your hand. They have several varieties and colors, including a Copper Chef version. That’s the one we tried.

The claim is the little critters have a powerful vortex motor that cleans like a heavy-duty cyclone. It is supposed to pick up everything from crumbs, hair, even dust. But will it work? We have chips and sugar on a tile floor, the same mess on a table, and hair and more crumbs on the carpet.

It was pretty easy to use, just insert two AA batteries and turn it on. The sugar came right up from the floor and the table. The crumbs on the table were no problem for the Crumby.

As for the hair on the carpet, well it's still on the floor. With a little effort, it worked fine on the chips that we crumbled on the carpet. We bought the Crumby for $9.99 at Fry's Electronics.

So how does it rank on our Bull, No Bull meter? It didn't work on the ball of hair and wasn't as smooth on the carpet, but overall we were impressed. I give it no bull.