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Will the Bavarian Edge make your old knives like new again?

Posted at 7:41 AM, Nov 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-22 09:41:21-05

It's official, my dull knives are going to ruin everything I try to cook today, and any other day.

But buying new knives that will last is too expensive, even on Black Friday.

So, I’m hoping the Bavarian Edge is a solution.

The claim is that the sharpener will make your old knives seem new.

The infomercial says, “your old knives will fillet, cut, chop, slice and dice just like the day you got them.”

And there were some pretty risky claims saying knives could pass through a leather shoe, frozen steak, even sharpen a credit card to cut a tomato.

I didn’t try the shoe, but I had to try the credit card.

First, I tried slicing the tomato with the credit card and that was unsuccessful.

Then I swiped it through the sharpener, and sure enough, the card cut through the tomato.

Next, I cut a rotisserie chicken.  And it was definitely easier after sharpening it with the Bavarian Edge. Same results for carrots.

As for the frozen steak, it stayed frozen. I tried cutting it with a new serrated knife, and after sharpening it with the Bavarian Edge. Neither method was successful.

So how does it rate on our Bull No Bull meter? 

I'm going with No Bull.

It cost $19.99 at Walmart and even though it didn't cut through our frozen steak, neither did our new knife.

Still, I was impressed with the Bavarian Edge. It really did sharpen everything we tried.

In fact, the newly sharpened credit card cut my finger.