Which stores will save you the most on groceries this week?

Posted at 7:06 AM, May 23, 2017

Are you already planning your menu for Memorial Day weekend? Valley stores are having several sales to entice hungry shoppers.

Our Smart Shopper team has the complete round up of the best deals stores have to offer this week.

Cherries are good for any gathering so stock up at Fry's and Safeway. They're on sale for $1.47 per pound. Just last week, we saw them for triple that price.

While you're at Safeway, check out their grill deals including buy one get three packs for free on pork loin chops and USDA choice beef chuck steaks.

Fry's has T-bone steak for $4.77 per pound and Hebrew National hot dogs two for $5.

Food City has orange, gold, green or red bell peppers on sale three for .99 cents.

That's an awesome price, other stores have them on sale for .75 cents each.

Shop Food City during their four day sale Thursday through Monday and get chicken drumsticks or thighs for .57 cents per pound. They also have seedless watermelon on sale for .14 cents per pound.

Corn on the cob is good for the grill and you'll find the best deal this week at Bashas' and Albertsons, 10 ears for just one dollar. 

Fry's, Safeway, Bashas’ and Albertsons all have soda deals at four for $8.88. But read the fine print, you have to get four to get that deal, plus you'll need to spend a minimum of $25.

We can't forget about dessert! Stop at Bashas’ for Breyers ice cream because they have it on sale if you buy one for $5.99 you get two free. That means you're paying $2 for each container. 

Albertsons has some sweet deals during their four day sale too. Dreyers ice cream, plus Nestle and Hostess treats are $1.67. That'll save you at least a dollar each off the regular price.

Other deals we liked at Albertsons include 32 ounces of Gatorade for .44 cents each when you buy 12. You can get a dozen large Lucerne eggs for .69 cents and you don’t have to wait for the four day sale for that deal.

What’s your favorite grocery deal of the week?