Which site has the best price for Arizona Cardinals tickets?

Posted at 1:45 PM, Aug 15, 2017
Arizona Cardinals games can get expensive! But we're here to challenge that!  
The Smart Shopper team compared three sites for three games to see which has the best price!
Let's start with Cardinals versus the Bears. For the August 19 game, the lowest prices are on the terrace level. Stub Hub and Seat Geek had the best price at $16 for Section 451. NFL Exchange was $37 for Section 436. The lowest prices for sideline main-level seats play out like this, Stub Hub $48.41 in Section 111, Seat Geek $74 for Section 105, NFL Exchange was $80 for Section 108.
You'll get a touchdown price for the Cards versus 49ers on the Terrace level! Stub Hub had $32 in Section 423, Seat Geek $33, and NFL Exchange $57 for Section 423. For sidelines, Stub Hub had $122, Seat Geek was $157 in Section 104, and NFL Exchange had $189 in Section 110.
Now, what about a bigger game? The Cardinals versus the Seahawks. Stub Hub had $70 seats in Section 405; Seat Geek had $132 for the cheapest and NFL Exchange was $73 in Section 433. Want better seats? Stub Hub was $290 in Section 128, Seat Geek had $223 in Section 104, and NFL Exchange was $290 in Section 107.
Prices may change depending on how far in advance you book!