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Which rental companies will save you the most on baby rentals?

Posted at 6:52 AM, Nov 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-27 09:05:42-05

'Tis the season for holiday visitors.


So what if your visitors have kids and you don't? Don't go shopping yet. I'll show you where to rent everything you need for the best price


We compared baby rental companies to see which will save you the most cash. We searched Baby's Away, Anything for Baby, and Travel Babees for cribs, travel systems and everything a child might need.


First, no one's sleeping if the baby doesn't sleep so we're looking at full-size wooden cribs.

Travel Babees charges the least -- $75 per week. It's three dollars more at Baby's Away, and Anything for Baby will cost you the most -- $84 per week.


It's the same routine for eating. We priced a booster seat with a tray.

Travel Babees will cost you the least at $15 per week. Baby’s Away is $18 and Anything for Baby will cost you $20 per week.


A high-back booster seat is also cheapest at Travel Babees, just $25 per week. It's nearly double that price at Anything for Baby, $48. Baby’s Away will cost you $42 per week.


For the actual rentals, Travel Babees has the best prices hands down. But will they stay on top after all of the fees? Here’s how it breaks down before the fees:


One Week Rentals Only:

Travel BaBees - $115

Baby's Away - $138

Anything for Baby - $152



Delivery is free with Anything for Baby.

You'll pay $45 dollars at Travel Babees for a home delivery.

Airport delivery is free.

And the cost at Baby's Away is about $35 dollars to our location. Their delivery varies by location but ranges from $25 to $65.


Even with all of those fees, Travel Babees beat the competition for the items we compared.


Here’s how the price breaks down for the items we compared, including fees and taxes:


Travel BaBees - $142.42

Anything for Baby - $164.08

Baby's Away - $179.87


So before you break the bank trying to baby-proof your home for holiday visitors, check out rental companies. You can pretty much get everything you need for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy new. 


Another option is to buy used, and sell what you don’t need once your company leaves.