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We test a wireless mouse that you hold like a pen!

Posted at 4:03 AM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 09:55:26-04

Have you ever run into mouse trouble at your computer?

Sometimes it moves where it wants… if it moves at all.


There’s a new product in town called the Pocket Mouse.

It’s a wireless mouse that you hold like a pen. It’s supposed to work on all surfaces and up to 30 feet away.

So, you know we had to try it out.


First, you need one AAA battery.


We tried it browsing sites and clicking icons on the desktop and so far so good.  It moved around with ease.  It even worked on my hand! Plus, it has a scroll wheel.


Now it's time to draw, first using the pocket mouse and then my regular mouse.

Not much of a difference!


As for distance, we walked all over the newsroom, more than 30 feet away from the computer and guess what?  It still worked!


Flip it over and it serves as a stylus for your tablet.


How does it rank on our "Bull/No Bull" Meter? I'm going with NO BULL!


I have to say I’m impressed. It is pretty accurate, although it does take some getting used to.


One downside I noticed right away is the right click button seems to be in the way.


So for $19.99, is it worth the cash for you?

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